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Welcome to the Polish Translation and Interpreting website


E.I. N° SIRET : 50312633600018 

Manager : Sylwia Rekiec  


Sylwia Rekiec

As an Independent Translator and language Expert, I specialize in the sectors of Finance, Business, Legal matters, Computer science, Marketing, Communication, Technology, International Transport and Logistics, Luxury, Tourism, Literary sectors as well …

I have obtained state diplomas and specialized in the aforementioned domains, with a double work competence, I can offer you high quality results for competitive rates.

At the same time, I am a Consultant in Marketing and Counselling, specialized in East European Countries. I am also involved in the sectors of Marketing and Communication (Market Study, Commercial Canvassing) and Audit & Council. You can find more about these performances in the Marketing service section of the website.

I have secure means of communication available, allowing remote on-line missions. Please find out more about the details of this service in the "Translation Interpreting" section.



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