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Why opt for an independent translator rather than a translation agency?

When faced with the decision of whether to use a translation agency or an independent translator for your document translations, it might initially seem like a minor choice. However, the differences between these options are substantial. In this article, I'll delve into why engaging directly with an independent translator often proves to be the best solution in many situations.

Confidentiality and data security

Collaborating directly with a translator offers an elevated assurance of confidentiality and data security. When you hand over your documents to a translation agency, you often relinquish control over who accesses them. They might be circulated among numerous translators to find the most suitable one for the task, heightening the risk of unauthorized disclosure or insecure handling. An independent translator is typically better equipped to safeguard your sensitive information and uphold its security.

Direct communication and flexibility

Engaging with a translator directly provides the advantage of more immediate communication and swift responses to inquiries. Conversely, involving a translation agency introduces an intermediary between you and the translator, potentially leading to delays. An independent translator affords you the opportunity to articulate your specific requirements and engage in direct discussions about project intricacies, thereby ensuring clearer mutual understanding.

Cost savings and transparent pricing

Translation agencies commonly tack on a markup to translators' rates, resulting in a pricier service for the end client. By collaborating directly with a translator, you bypass these additional fees and gain the ability to negotiate more competitive rates.

Cultivating long-term partnerships

Lastly, working alongside an independent translator allows for the cultivation of enduring relationships built on trust. Unlike translation agencies, which may treat each project impersonally, independent translators can provide personalized service. This facilitates the development of relationships grounded in trust and mutual satisfaction.

In summary, opting for an independent translator offers substantial benefits in terms of quality, confidentiality, cost-effectiveness, and the establishment of enduring relationships. For successful translation endeavors and fruitful collaboration, this option often proves to be the optimal choice to meet your linguistic requirements.

Written by Aleksandra Oleszek, a French-Polish-English translator and interpreter residing in the picturesque south of France:

📞 Phone: +33 7 49 46 82 55

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